Six Feet Over by Mary Roach

Paperback edition

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Table of Contents

  1. You Again: A visit to the reincarnation nation
  2. The Little Man Inside the Sperm, or Possibly the Big Toe: Hunting the soul with microscopes and scalpels
  3. How To Weigh a Soul: What happens when a man (or a mouse, or a leech) dies on a scale
  4. The Vienna Sausage Affair: And other dubious highlights of the ongoing effort to see the soul
  5. Hard to Swallow: The giddy, revolting heyday of ectoplasm
  6. The Large Claims of the Medium: Reaching out to the dead in a University of Arizona lab
  7. Soul in a Dunce Cap: The author enrolls in medium school
  8. Can You Hear Me Now? Telecommunicating with the dead
  9. Inside the Haunt Box: Can electromagnetic fields  make you hallucinate?
  10. Listening to Casper: A psychoacoustics expert sets up camp in England's haunted spots
  11. Chaffin v. the Dead Guy in the Overcoat: In which the law finds for a ghost, and the author calls in an expert witness
  12. Six Feet Over: computer stands by on an operating room ceiling, awaiting near-death experiencers
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