Six Feet Over by Mary Roach

Paperback edition

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Praise for Six Feet Over

"A sharp-eyed supernatural history." —O: The Oprah Magazine, October 2005

"What she celebrates is the passion that drives the inquiry, that keeps people at their research despite the loneliness - and mockery. She may have a skeptic's mind, but she writes with a believer's heart." —Kate Zernike, New York Times Book Reiew, October 9, 2005

"Funny, inquisitive and uncowed by experts, Roach is the general reader's ideal emissary to the arcana of serious science. Whether portraying students of reincarnation or sorting through spiritualist mumbo jumbo—and putting the ech back in ectoplasm—Roach's writing has what science has so far failed to find: a divine spark." —Newsweek, October 10, 2005

"The true subject of Roach's two books about death is human life, the quirky ways people confront the unknown, the mysterious, the terrifying. She has a huge heart, a strong sense of empathy for the oddball, and she's willing to go to great lengths to find and report stories from the hinterlands of understanding." —Floyd Skloot, Chicago Tribune, October 9, 2005

"Roach is an original who can enliven any subject with wit, keen reporting and a sly intelligence." —Publishers Weekly starred review

"Ever game and curious, Roach tries to see things from the angle of those pursuing varied experiments and endeavors, from the folks attempting to tape the spirit voices of the Donner Party in the Sierra (at the Donner Camp Picnic Ground!) to the Duke University doctor who wants to compute the energy equivalent of consciousness. . . . This is Roach at her best." —San Francisco magazine

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