Stiff by Mary Roach

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Table of Contents

  1. A Head Is a Terrible Thing to Waste:  Practicing surgery on the dead
  2. Crimes of Anatomy: Body snatching and other sordid tales from the dawn of human dissection
  3. Life After Death:  On human decay and what can be done about it
  4. Dead Man Driving:  Human crash test dummies and the ghastly, necessary science of impact tolerance
  5. Beyond the Black Box: When the bodies of the passengers must tell the story of a crash
  6. The Cadaver Who Joined the Army:  The sticky ethics of bullets and bombs
  7. Holy Cadaver:  The crucifixion experiments
  8. How to Know if You're Dead:  Beating-heart cadavers, live burial, and the scientific search for the soul
  9. Just a Head: Decapitation, reanimation, and the human head transplant
  10. Eat Me:  Medicinal cannibalism and the case of the human dumplings
  11. Out of the Fire, into the Compost Bin:  And other  new ways to end up
  12. Remains of the Author:  Will she or won't she?
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