Bonk by Mary Roach

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  1. The Sausage, the Porcupine, and the Agreeable Mrs. G: Highlights from the pioneers of human sexual response
  2. Dating the Penis-Camera: Can a woman find happiness with a machine?
  3. The Princess and Her Pea: The woman who moved her clitoris, and other ruminations on intercourse orgasms
  4. The Upsuck Chronicles: Does orgasm boost fertility, and what do pigs know about it?
  5. What's Going On In There? The diverting world of coital imaging
  6. The Taiwanese Fix and the Penile Pricking Ring: Creative approaches to impotence
  7. The Testicle Pushers: If two are good, would three be better:
  8. Re-Member Me: Transplants, implants, and other penises of last resort
  9. The Lady's Boner: Is the clitoris a tiny penis?
  10. The Prescription-Strength Vibrator: Masturbating for health
  11. The Immaculate Orgasm: Who needs genitals?
  12. Mind over Vagina: Women are complicated
  13. What Would Allah Say? The strange, brave career of Ahmed Shafik
  14. Monkey Do: The secret sway of hormones
  15. "Persons Studied in Pairs": The lab that uncovered great sex
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