Grunt by Mary Roach

Table of Contents

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  1. Second Skin: What to wear to war
  2. Boom Box: Automotive safety for people who drive on bombs
  3. Fighting by Ear: The conundrum of military noise
  4. Below the Belt: The cruelest shot of all
  5. It Might Get Weird: A salute to genital transplants
  6. Carnage Under Fire: How do combat medics cope?
  7. Sweating Bullets: The war on heat
  8. Leaky SEALs: Diarrhea as a threat to national security
  9. The Maggot Paradox: Flies on the battlefield, for better and worse
  10. What Doesn’t Kill You Will Make You Reek: A brief history of stink bombs
  11. Old Chum: How to make and test a shark repellent
  12. That Sinking Feeling: When things go wrong under the sea
  13. Up and Under: A submarine tries to sleep
  14. Feedback from the Fallen: How the dead help the living stay that way

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