Fuzz by Mary Roach

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A Quick Word of Introduction

  1. MAUL COPS: Crime Scene Forensics When the Killer Isn’t Human
  2. BREAKING AND ENTERING AND EATING: How Do You Handle a Hungry Bear?
  3. THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: Manslaughter by the Pound
  4. A SPOT OF TROUBLE: What Makes a Leopard a Man-Eater?
  5. THE MONKEY FIX: Birth Control for Marauding Macaques
  6. MERCURIAL COUGARS: How Do You Count What You Can’t See?
  7. WHEN THE WOOD COMES DOWN: Beware the Danger Tree
  8. THE TERROR BEANS: The Legume as Accomplice to Murder
  9. OKAY, BOOMER: Failed Military Actions Against Birds
  10. ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Jaywalking with the Animals
  11. TO SCARE A THIEF: The Esoteric Art of the Frightening Device
  12. THE GULLS OF ST. PETER’S: The Vatican Tries a Laser
  13. THE JESUIT AND THE RAT: Wildlife Management Tips from the Pontifical Academy for Life
  14. KILLING WITH KINDNESS: Who Cares About a Pest?
  15. THE DISAPPEARING MOUSE: The Scary Magic of Gene Drives


THE FUZZY TRESPASSER: Resources for Homeowners


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